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Gutters | Elegant Exteriors Inc. - Sayville, NY

Gutters are perhaps not the first thing you think of when working on your house, but they are equally as important as all other facets of your home. Oftentimes, gutters become filled with dirt, leaves, and debris and this can cause real problems when it comes to rain water. If rainwater doesn’t have an exit, it can soak through your roof causing serious problems and the weight of debris and water cause breaks in your gutters.

We are seamless gutter specialists both in residential and commercial systems. We use 5″ & 6″ sizes, also using heavy gauge aluminum. We install them with a screw mount system that features hidden brackets. No more unsightly large gutter nails. We offer a large variety of colors that can enhance almost any color house trim. We also install Leaf-Guard gutters, or you can have leaf guard protection for standard gutters applied. Our company is licensed and insured and we guarantee all of our work.

Maybe that has already happened and you need a little help. At Elegant Exteriors Inc., we can help you get your gutters in the best shape to avoid future mishaps and problem. Whether you need repairs or a brand new installation of gutters, we offer our services for a modest fee and can help you get this “one more thing” off your mind.

Keeping an eye on your gutter and doing regular cleaning can help you avoid having to do repairs or replacements, yet over the years your gutter may take a beating due to weather and time. Having your gutters replaced will be unavoidable at some point.

Elegant Exteriors Inc. is here to help you to keep your home up to par and in the same shape you bought it in. We are the best at what we do and you can trust us to do a job that will last for years to come, and if for any reason it doesn’t, don’t worry; we perform repairs on all our services.

We want you, our customer to be completely happy with the results! We don’t do things half-heartedly; we do our best and treat your home like our own. Why not trust your gutter maintenance to professionals who care? Call us today for information!