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Roofing | Elegant Exteriors Inc. - Sayville, NY

We specialize in re-roofing, roof removals, installing new plywood sheathing, flashings, ice & water shield.

We use top quality dimensional shingles, install sky lights, ridge vents, chimney caps.

A neglected roof, even if not in complete disrepair, will almost certainly bring down the market value of your home. And here in Suffolk County, with our warm humid summers and cold winter nights, our roofs are constantly stressed and need regular maintenance to keep them looking their very best. Your home is your most valuable asset. Protecting and maintaining your home's roof is as important as dressing your children warmly on a snowy December day!

A well maintained roof will help keep you, your family, and all your home contains, free from the ravages of the elements outside. And a good roof will help keep your energy bills low too! The right roofing will protect your home from the sun, keeping damaging ultraviolet rays outside where they belong while helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

We are experts in flats roofs, and use commercial grade rubberize roofing. We also specialize in roof repairs and including slate repairs.

So when you're ready to take on roofing maintenance, look no further than Elegant Exteriors Inc. in Sayville. We're professionals. We know what it takes to keep a roof at its best!